Buffalo sculpture

I found a piece of sandstone about 12 months ago. I decided to see how difficult it was to sculpt in. It turned out to be soap stone.

Expressionist art

Twelve years ago I watched the movie about the life and art of Jackson Pollack. I had only seen his painting, Blue Poles from the entrance to the Sydney opera house. I loved it complex simplicity and loved the way that no matter who looked at his work they had to make a decision about it. I decided to see how difficult it was to paint like he did. It is very difficult. I have persisted and now twelve years later my work is seeing some returns. Here are two of my latest paintings.

Painting Expressionism

Its been some time since I have posted. I continue to paint Expressionist art. I am getting better at it all the time. I like my latest series of paintings more than the best of the last series. I have sold two of my works recently and have been a finalist in a couple of larger exhibitions. I am planning to exhibit soon in Redlands. Later this year I will exhibit my work at Arana Hills for a month as a solo exhibition of between 7 and 10 of my paintings.

Teaching at the U3a

Hi to you all,
This first few months of 2018 have been spent teaching a class Book binding for beginners. Its a lot of fun and learning for us all. I will post pics of their work soon.